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Re: Coronavirus

Originally Posted by jfman View Post
No it just makes you look ridiculous when it’s evident to any observer we are talking about two entirely different things.
Nope just makes you look wrong, and then so desperate not to look wrong.

As I explained earlier to Papa portraying vaccines in such a binary fashion is unhelpful. A 10% efficacy vaccine could be described as “working”
the vaccines, as I understand, are all well into the 90’s ?
None of the vaccines are 90% against the delta variant so your risk assessment is based on assumptions known to be false.
Pierre, link backed evidenced quote
Real-world data demonstrated 92% vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisations due to the Delta variant
Who looks “ridiculous”.......Hmmmmm,

It’s OK to admit you are wrong you know, I have done many’s a sign of maturity.
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