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Re: 3000 spent and Virgin can't connect me

Originally Posted by General Maximus View Post
You will definitely have recourse either way because the fact that VM supplied you with equipment AND scheduled an engineer means that they intended to connect your premises. The fact that they failed to show due diligence and perform a proper site survey is not your problem. They can either make it right by installing a street cab at the end of your drive with the necessary bits in to boost the signal or they can refund your costs. Unfortunately they will try and drag the issue out as long as poss and you will throw fits every time you try and ring up and speak to somebody who knows what is going on. The best thing you can do is contact the team you did before to arrange installation and try and get an answer from them in writing stating that they cannot connect you and once you get that I would go down the solicitor route and let them handle it. VM can connect you if they want to, they just choose not to because of the added expense on their part and that is their fault because they should have known what was involved to start off with.
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