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Re: 3000 spent and Virgin can't connect me

Originally Posted by Pukka View Post
Attached is a photo of a job we did for a customer with 550 meters of fibre.

Does anyone know the power requirement of the virgin modem? ours is in the loft.

For costing

1x Box (305 meters) cat6 80.00 (make sure is NOT CCA) we use Excel brand here.
1x POE injector 19.20
2x Ethernet Repeater 19.20 (max 310 meters)
2x case for above 7.20
1x 48v to 12v adaptor

you will need a box to put the router in.

This would give you 45V at the cab which should be more than enough for the adaptor. Please note this is only theroy and would need a test before you continue, if it was me I would ask virgin to run 150 meters and then you run 150 meters the other way. put the router in modem mode and then provide your own router in the house
Nice work, case and point

We tend to only install Mayflex's kit too.

Its not uncommon to see these installs on high end residental propeties or rural business and building sites etc.
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