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Unable to register a My Virgin Media account

Hi all,

I wasn't really sure if this was best in the installation or billing forum, but I guess it's part of the installation of a package (or should be) so I think it fits here.

I recently re-joined VM on the Ultimate Volt package. I went to register a My Virgin Media account via, but I just receive a message stating "Now you've left us, you can no longer register for My Virgin Media" (the fact this is all it says, with no further help or option to do anything about it, isn't great really).

I did have a VM account with that email a few years ago, so I assume that's the cause. However, I first encountered the error message a couple of weeks ago, and so far I've been unable to get it resolved since and register an account.

I posted on the VM forums and was PM'd by a representative who said they would contact me when it was fixed. That was nearly two weeks ago and I've heard nothing yet. I then tried ringing VM and was told they'd logged it and it should soon be fixed - that was a few days ago and nothing appears to have changed yet.

Has anyone experienced this issue and managed to get it resolved? If so, what did you do to fix it please? I would like to register my account so that I can activate the included Netflix and track my bills online.

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