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Re: Vodaphone/City Fibre Gigafast router. Modem-only mode?

Originally Posted by bobna View Post
i've had Voda/Cityfibre for around a year now, the router is basic... as for modem-only mode, no there's no option for that.
you can however use your own router, baring a few settings and inputs, which will give you the options you are wanting.
the work around is to have a router which you can change the vlan setting to 911, according to this forum post(s) i found.
the posts don't really explain much but is a start.
personally for me i have kind of got used to using the vodaphone router, although i have split the wifi channels as when they were combined i had quite a low signal level.
another problem i had with the router and still have, some devices such as nowtv sticks, fire tablets and i think one of my laptops absolutely refuses to see the 5ghz network and are stuck with the 2.4ghz, i can only suspect that the devices are looking for a lower channel than the router is putting the 5ghz on which on mine is up in the 120 range... the devices are looking for the lower 40-80 range and as it's a basic router i can't change that setting.. used to be able to but after a forced firmware update that option was removed...
bottom line the router is crap, but if you want to use the phone line which comes with it you have to use it..
sorry for the long post and i know it was a while when it was posted but i've only just seen it

I finally bit the bullet and went with Vodafone/CityFibre, having decided that I would demote my main router to an IMesh access point. I could have worked straight off the ONT, doing without the Vodafone router and signal booster, but my router doesn't have VoIP capability/sockets for the telephone line.

So, I have the Vodafone router at the core of the network with it's own booster network. Alongside, because we have a large house, I have put my Asus router in the attic and linked it with it's own iMesh router in a different corner of the house. Just for now, both setups are using the same SSID. The whole house is well covered with Wifi with a minimum of 120Mb down and upstream in the furthest corner and down the end of the garden. I'll keep it that way if devices have no trouble maintaining a connection moving around the house.

Ethernet connected speeds are very good with 940Mb up and downstream, although downstream drops to around 800Mb during peak hours.

I have saved about 60.00 a month having done away with VM TV. Instead of their V6 boxes I have bought a couple HUMAX 2TB TV boxes for handling aerial TV, recordings, Amazon, Netflix, Plex and Kodi. Because I run a Synology media server, this works a treat. We don't miss VM TV.!AhlpLoG7kfyGqOIp...pJJJA?e=WS9CJ9
Join Date: Jul 2008
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