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Dude111 31-12-2021 01:05

CSS afficiondos may want to look at this :)

How do they get it to do that? (Load a diff CSS every page load)

tweetiepooh 31-12-2021 10:29

Re: Web site design automatically (sort of)
One way would be to have some code on the server generate the HTML with different CSS each time it's run. Just because inside the browser it's static doesn't mean that it's static on the server.

Dude111 01-01-2022 00:55

No I suppose not......... I must have reloaded it 20+ times and didnt get the same one!

Halcyon 04-01-2022 13:34

Re: Web site design automatically (sort of)
The designs definately look about 20 years out of date.

Dude111 15-01-2022 06:13

Ah man!!

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