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Dude111 21-09-2022 23:00

I searched for a thread on favicons but I couldnt find one fitting what I wanted to discuss so im starting a new thread :)

I didnt realise until maybe last year IE6 can read favicons..... I usually surf with MyIE2 because the UI is more colourful and just looks nicer and MyIE2 has tabs where IE6 doesnt...

Anyway if I enable favicons in MyIE2 and then load the same site with IE6 w/o clearing temp files,IE6 also displays the favicon of that site most times........

I usually have favicons DISABLED however because most of them seem to be bigger than they should be and my firewall flags and blocks the site from loading........

Interesting.... I wonder if IE6 is the earliest browser to display favicons?

Jaymoss 21-09-2022 23:06

Re: Favicons
They were released in 1999 by M$ so that would have been IE5 era

Dude111 22-09-2022 07:56

Hmmm I didnt realise it was that early. (Probably cause I dont really pay attn to em)
Thanx Jay :)

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